2017 Spring Connections

“Connections” is an opportunity for men and women to gather in small groups for the purpose of relationship, growth, and better understanding of how we should live our lives out with God as our center.  Connections meets on Sundays at 9:45 at MAC. Signups for the Spring session are March 19th and March 26th, with classes beginning on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017.  To sign up for Connections, contact Pastor Dan Nagel at 406.370.4517 or email dan.nagel@macmissoula.com

Choir – Directed by Jane Holmes, Worship Center, No Cost

Daily Life in Bible Times – Facilitated by Susan Thomas, Room 100, No Cost

Deaconesses – Monthly Meeting – The Corner (Second Sunday of the Month)

“Extravagant Grace” – Facilitated by Paul Resch, Room 105, $13.00

“Foundations – Studying of Galatians” – Facilitated by Kerry Resch, Room 300, No Cost

Growing Influence – Led by D. Richards and C. Wornath, Room 303 (Continuing from Winter Connections)

“Measure of a Man” – Facilitated by Dan Nagel, Room 301, (Continuing from Winter Connections)

“Sacred Romance” – Facilitated by Wendy Chelini, Room 106, (Continuing from Winter Connections)

“Seeking Refuge” – Facilitated by Dan and Adina McCloy, Pastor Jeff’s Office, $10.00

Simply the Story – Facilitated by Fred and Carolyn Sayre, Office Area, No Cost

“Your Beautiful Purpose” – Facilitated by Vicki Opstad, Room 105, $14.00

W.A.R. – Facilitated by Robbie Severson, The Chapel, No Cost

Spring Connections Schedule

Sunday – March 19 – Sign-ups

Sunday – March 26 – Sign-ups

Sunday – April 2 – Spring Connections Begin

Sunday – April 16 – Resurrection Sunday, No Connections

Sunday – May 7 – Farewell to Pastor Jeff, No Connections

Sunday – May 28 – Memorial Day Weekend, No Connections

Sunday – June 4 – Spring Connections Concludes

If you have any questions about where you might fit in on Sunday mornings please email Pastor Dan.