May 16-23, 2018

During this trip to El Salvador participants will be working with different groups of people in concert with the Envision El Salvador staff to build up their ministry site, work with churches and local schools and more.  In preparation for the trip we will be meeting as a team regularly to prepare you not only for the logistical side of the journey with passports, airline reservations, itinerary and physical details but more importantly as a body of believers who will go serve as hands and feet where God desires on the trip. We want you to be equipped with scripture and purpose as we send you to be a part of important work in that region.  

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Middle School Outreach

Reaching kids in their journey is an important part of the work done in El Salvador with growing the church.  The team will be working with youth from a local school who come for activities like futbol (soccer) and much more.  If the chance to work with youth 16-24 years old interests you please consider going.  It would be an opportunity to inspire them through conversation and service together.

Local Church Development

There is a local church near the ministry that would like to partner with MAC to grow their youth program and more.  This trip would be a great chance to use skills in construction, evangelism, youth ministry, futbol (soccer) ministry and so much more.  We are looking for one team member who has specific skills in plumbing and light construction for a small project to add a restroom for their facility.  A Lowe and Home Depot is nearby and you would work with the staff to assure you had all material necessary to do the task.  They could do a Skype ahead of time with video to scope it out.  

Discover what internships look like

As an Envision site there are already a number of interns working with the ministry for terms ranging from three months to two years.  A benefit of a short-term missions trip is learning what this could look like for a longer engagement of service.  This trip would be perfect for high school and young adults who want to learn more about opportunities to serve God and his people. 

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