Jesus’ earliest followers never tried to convince their friends of who Jesus was. Rather, they invited their friends to “come and see” for themselves.  In the same way, we’re inviting YOU to “come and see” for yourself this man named Jesus - not based on what we say, but based on Jesus’ own words and actions.


On Sunday mornings at 10:15AM, from October 1 - November 19, we'll be looking at the "I am" statements of Jesus. These were audacious claims Jesus made about himself. On several occasions, the religious leaders even picked up rocks to kill Jesus for his claims!

But as we'll see throughout this series, if Jesus’ wasn’t telling the truth, we aren’t really able to trust anything he says. He would have to be either a liar (intentionally misleading millions of people) or a lunatic. But if he was telling the truth, the implications for us are remarkable!

Join us for this series on Sunday mornings at 10:15 AM during the fall - coupled with table groups that will be meeting each Sunday from 9-10am (before the main service) to look more in depth at each of these statements. You can also stream services online at macmissoula.com/live.

If you want to sign up for one of these table groups or have questions,  email Pastor Micah at micah.dalbey@macmissoula.com.

Hope to see you this Fall!