Embracing And Extending

At MAC, we are about embracing and extending the life-changing grace and truth of Jesus. Jesus said, “I will build my church.” We believe this happens in two ways:

Committing to growing as people by embracing Jesus’ grace for ourselves, and then seeing new people added to God’s family as we extend Jesus’ grace to others.

MAC is committed to serving the community in meaningful, need-meeting ways with the hope that more and more would come to experience the life-changing grace of Jesus.

MAC also prioritizes equipping people in the church to be the church. If we aren’t caring well for each other, we have no reason to think we can take care of our city and love people as God calls us to.

Being a part of MAC means growing in grace alongside others who also need grace, taking one step after another toward Christ.

What We Believe
Meet Our Team

MAC is a Christ Centered Missoula, Montana Church

Join us in being the hands and feet of Christ at our church in Missoula and around the world